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CPSIA: Hazardous Materials


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 2008, USA

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), aims to protect children from unsafe products, is a U.S. Government Act requires that all products used by children aged between 0 and 12 have additional information on a permanent label that includes the following:

  • Place of production:
  • Production date
  • Name of manufacturer
  • Lot Number


  • Severe restrictions of lead for children's products 12 to 0 years.
  • Prohibition of chemicals (Phthalates) used in soft plastic toys for children.
  • Mandatory use of laboratories accredited for the treatment of lead in paint, metal jewelry, and in general in cribs, bicycles, rattles, pacifiers, etc..

You can also integrate with CPSIA testing the quality inspection required for its production. We assure that the product selected for analysis is from your production lot and not a sample of other products. This way we ensure that the laboratory results will be accurate.
You will receive an informational report on whether your product meets CPSIA or not.

Benefits you get with QC Integra:

  1. Laboratory Tests – We give a brief description of the most important laboratory tests carried out on products of export. You can choose which test you want to Give you their products without being a technical expert.
  2. Reliable results – QC Integra ensures that we select samples for testing will be those that are part of the lot of its production and other production samples or that the factory wants to analyze. The test results are highly reliable because we have agreements with laboratories accredited and recognized worldwide.
  3. Speed and Savings – Save time and money with QC Integra. Laboratory tests at affordable prices with delivery of results in a short time thanks to the agreements that we have with accredited laboratories.


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