Laboratory Test

REACH - Chemicals and Hazardous Substances


What is REACH?
REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) is an European regulation which deals with chemical substances and mixtures of products produced or imported in the European Union.

Ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment. Controlling the risks of chemical substances marketed.

The REACH Directive is addressed to all those importers or manufacturers in the European Union whose products are marketed. You can not perform any marketing of products or substances made unless the evidence or relevant steps based on the REACH directive.

It affects all chemicals contained in products that are not excluded in the REACH regulation.

Benefits you get with QC Integra:

  1. Laboratory Tests – We give a brief description of the most important laboratory tests carried out on products of export. You can choose which test you want to make to your products without being a technical expert.
  2. Reliable results – QC Integra ensures that the samples selected for testing will be those that are part of your production lot and not other production samples or that the factory wants to analyze. The test results are highly reliable because we have agreements with laboratories accredited and recognized worldwide.
  3. Speed and Savings – Save time and money with QC Integra. Laboratory tests at affordable prices with delivery of results in a short time thanks to the agreements that we have with accredited laboratories.


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