Get Substantial Gains

Get Substantial Gains

The result of our work will be reflected in considerable gains for your company. With affordable inspection costs and quality products, your loss will be minimized considerably. Not only are we interested in offering great inspection services, but we are also interested in contributing to the success of our clients.

For your reference, the following is a real cost calculation from QC Integra and other inspection companies.

QC Integra Study Case:

We take as an example a real garment order that needs a Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). This order has 4 different garment styles.

Category: Textiles
Product: Garments
# of styles to be inspected: 4 styles
# of garments per style: 2,500 pieces
TOTAL number of pieces: 10,000 pieces

In the table below, you will see the cost difference that you would have to pay for each company for an inspection performed to 4 different styles. At this stage the cost difference may not be very significant to you. However, the bigger the volume of your production, the higher the significance the cost difference will be.

Cost per M/D Total Sample AQL 2.5 Nivel II # of Samples per MD # of M/D required for this inspection. TOTAL COST
QC Integra $278.00 500 250 2 $556.00
Other Inspection Companies $298.00 500 200 3 $894.00

Using the same previous example, if you place 50 orders throughout the year; the cost difference of the inspection service between QC Integra and other inspection companies is highly significant.

Inspection Cost per 10,000 pieces Orders placed in 1 year. Inspection Cost per 200,000 pieces
QC Integra $556.00 50 $27,800.00
Other Inspection Companies $894.00 50 $44,700.00


Additional Advantages that QC Integra offers you:

  • Your imported products will have the specified AQL quality required.
  • Complete reports easy to understand.
  • Get your reports within 24hrs.
  • Personalized attention.

We are QC Integra and our inspections are real.